700 Sundays is absolutely incredible. 

  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Do I only write about my job on here?
Grad students are the worst.

  • I’m thankful for every single internship and educational experience I’ve been able to have because I go to NYU.
  • Hell Week 1 is done. I survived-ish.
  • There’s just too much to do and too many distractions.
  • It’s literally insane to me that people who are well out of college have the same exact apprenticeship as I do right now. And I’m scared for them and happy for myself.
  • And I’m still not reading any tumblr and it’s just fine and I guess this is now just me posting about my life and that’s what this has become but that’s kind of better because I really lost the joy in looking at other people’s pictures and gifs. It just wasn’t fun anymore.
  • Second day at my internship tomorrow (but actually kind of my real first day cause my last first day was real but also fake)
  • Laying out my clothes like an elementary school kid.
  • I can’t go out this weekend because I have to stay home and do homework because I have a grad class Friday night/Saturday during the day.
  • And I have six programming problems and a ton of math shit to do and I just don’t want to nor do I know how.
  • I could tell you that I’m keeping up with tumblr but that’s a lie. Just no time.
  • This is Hell Week number one of about seven this semester.
  • mental crisis number one of this semester: check.
  • realization that i’m going to have absolutely no relaxation or procrastination time come next week: check
  • other realization that it’s going to be incredibly impossible to check tumblr or watch tv or do anything besides work and homework: check
  • begin process to becoming thankful for the opportunity to do everything i’m doing right now: check

"Stranger"Big Fish OBC

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My Laramie cast is beautiful and perfect.

How often is it appropriate to post “Sonya Alone” on here?

are the writers of how i met your mother on drugs?

  • So fucking relieved.
  • We can’t get all of our first choices.
  • But I’m so happy with all of the ones I got.
  • Larmie. Is. Cast.
  • Now everyone please confirm.